Welcome to Triglobal Financial Services

Triglobal Financial Services offers top medallion and other financing to a wide range of taxicab owners.

Triglobal is an arm of nationally recognized taxi entrepreneur Simon Garber’s Chicago Carriage Cab/Royal 3 CCC. Triglobal is managed with the same ‘can do spirit’ that carved out the success of CCC /Royal 3 CCC. The company tripled in size in the past three years, from 300 taxis in 2005 to nearly 900 vehicles today.

Triglobal fully understands the unique pressure facing owners. Simon Garber is a former taxi driver who now owns successful cab companies in Chicago and NYC. His experience as both driver and owner gives Triglobal a 360-degree view of the industry.

Triglobal principal co-partner Roman Sapino has many years of experience in the highly specialized taxi financing industry and has been involved in successful taxi financing enterprises in NYC, Boston and Chicago. Roman also has experience in real estate financing and development. His unique background gives Triglobal the edge when it comes to developing financing packages and programs that work.

Triglobal partner Simon Garber has been selected as 2008 Large Fleet Taxicab Operator of the Year by The Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association. This prestigious national award is the taxi industry’s highest honor.

Triglobal pairs low, competitive rates with fast servicing. Triglobal recognizes the need for quick action in telling borrowers where they stand.

Triglobal has money to lend, even in uncertain times. That is because Triglobal is capitalized up to $500 million.

Triglobal financing rates for qualified borrowers are among the lowest on the market. For any applicant with a challenged credit rating, Triglobal works hard to make financing available.

Lending Solutions

Money to lend: If you are ready to finance a medallion, purchase or refinance a car or even take out a second mortgage, we are ready to make that loan.

Low Rates: Our rates are among the lowest available to qualified borrowers.

Flexible Financing: We try hard to help if your credit rating is below par.

For investors

Triglobal now finances 80% LTV of purchase or listing market price on medallions in Chicago and other cities, including NYC and Boston.

Triglobal continues to seek new markets and welcome new customers.

Triglobal’s satisfied borrowers range from owners of 1-10 medallions to operations financing hundreds of medallions.

Latest News

Triglobal partner Simon Garber, owner of Chicago Carriage Cab/Royal 3 CCC, has been chosen 2008 Large Fleet Taxicab Operator of the Year by the Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association—the taxi industry’s most respected professional organization.